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Gillian has been fully inoculated against Covid

Gillian's career started in repertory theatre playing everything from Principal girl in pantomime to Miss Marple!

She then toured all over the country as CAROL in Julian Slade’s “Wildest Dreams”. She also appeared in “The Boyfriend” and Victorian Music Hall.

Television series included Swizzlewick, The Newcomers, The Flying Swan with Margaret Lockwood, and “Father Charlie”, ( playing a Spanish nun!), plus appearances in "All Gas & Gaiters", “Sorry”, ”Agony”, “Young at Heart”, and “The Mind of JG Reader”.

For ten years, she produced and played all over the country in anthologies with her company “Muse and Music”.

She played "Phoebe" in the award winning short film “Waverley”, and was seen in an episode of the popular CBBC “Chucklevision”. Gillian has appeared in several short films during the past few years.

She has also run a bar in Spain and is a Cordon Bleu Cook! Gillian's autobiography "Reminiscence" was published in 2011.

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